Portable  Calibration Energy Meter

Portable Calibration Energy Meter

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We are a distinguished exporter, importer, trader, service provider and distributor of Portable Calibration Energy Meter Set Up. The offered instrument consists of a reference standard meter, waveform generator, pulse sensors and requisite software. Our Portable Calibration Energy Meter Set Up is widely used in National cneters for testing and certification, Industrial metrological laboratory o power supplier/consumer side and in ME-Audit high voltage mobile laboratories. The necessary detqails regarding the instrument's delivery package include –
  • Portable instrument : Energomonitor 3.3T1-CorEnergomonitor 3.1 KM
  • Portable instrument : Energoforma 3.3 Programmable Phantom Power source (380 V; 7 A)
  • Dedicated software : Energogorma and measuring instruments Energomonitoring (EMCounter)

Delivery Package

  • Portable instrument:Energomonitor 3.3T1-CorEnergomonitor 3.1.KM;

  • Portable instrument:Energo forma 3.3 Programmable Phantom Power source (380 V; 7 A);

  • Dedicated software:Energo forma-and Measuring Instruments Energomonitoring (EM Counter).